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02-28-08  New short video of Art Thomason rippin it up in Houston Texas!!!

02-14-08  I've added some more pictures of the Canadian Flatland Scene.. I drove back out to Thorsby, Canada on Feb. 3rd to ride with Cory Fester and Troy Topma and got the opportunity to meet Percy Marshall. If you've never met Percy, he is quite the character...... Full of personality, and really upbeat to ride with.

Here is a cool video I found on YouTube of the Edmonton crew.........

Edmonton flatland fall video

01-31-08  Hey Everyone, Chainlinkz is back. It's been almost a year now since I've worked on my site. Right now I'm up here in Canada with my company. I've been up here since Jan 2nd, and will probably be up here until the end of Feb. My wife came up here on Jan. 19th and spent a whole week with me. We got the chance to go dogsledding and snowboarding. You can check out our pictures on Flickr.

Back on Jan. 13th I got the opportunity to ride with Cory Fester and Troy Topma from Edmonton, Canada at an indoor skate park in a little town called Thorsby. This coming Sunday on Feb. 3rd I'm heading back out that way to ride again. Check out the pics from our last session here

03-31-07  Due to the fact that I just bought a house, I will have to pack my computer up for the next 2 months. Chainlinkz will still be up and running, but I will not be online. Good luck to all of you out there in Cyber Space. I will see ya'll again  in a few!!!!
02-18-07  Thanks to Art I finally have a Hitchhiker KickFlip on film. It took me 58 tries, but it was worth it in the end.

02-08-07  NEW RIDER!!!!!   Jerry Silguero .....   I rode with this guy back in the late 80's and he was really good then. He just recently bought a new bike and now he's ready to brush up on his flatland skills. Welcome back Jerry!!!!

01-17-07  Scott OBrien has an interview on the Ride BMX website, so check it out!!!


01-08-07  Check out the video that Terry and Mickey did for the new Incubus video.     Hope they win.


10-23-06  Check out Elevation 5 Pictures and Videos. Big Props to Hector for keeping it alive here in Houston.

9-22-06  Good News!!!  Charles Hawkins X-rays came back positive. His back is a little straighter than his last check up. He is planning on riding with us Sunday.
9-15-06  Just updated Charles Hawkins bio page. Keep Charles in your prayers, he is going to the doctor next week to review X-rays on his back. I have faith that he will be back on his bike very soon.
9-06-06  Just added a new rider (Marty) today. Still waiting on bio information, but pictures are posted.
8-24-06  Check out Scott OBrien's Aresbykes America website. They will be the exclusive source for Ares products in North America.

8-18-06  Check out Danny's bike from California. It's an orange with gold pearl Haro M5. Sweet sticker Danny!

8-16-06  I finally got all the pic's posted for the Texas Round Up II. I've got a grand total of 61 pic's posted, so I hope you enjoy them.

8-14-06  Check out the events page on  Battle at the Beach. I had a lot of fun. Planning on making it out there again next year.
8-02-06  The Texas Round Up II Events Page is Finally Up. I've only got Pro pic's posted at the moment, but I should have the rest of the pic's up by this weekend.
7-22-06  I bought my plane tickets today. I'm officially going to the Battle at the Beach. Check back after comp for some good video footage right here at chainlinkz.
7-17-06  Check out the Video Page for vid's from Texas Round Up II. I'm Still in the Process of adding more videos so keep checking back.